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CloudGeta has clients in India, Singapore, US, UAE and many other countries. Cloudgeta ERP systems enable businesses to have greater control and visibility into their business processes. Access to this key information allows them to make critical business decisions and to maintain a competitive edge in their industry.

With smoother day to day operations, you can maximize your profitability, optimize resource utilization and reduce budget, enabling you to invest more on creativity and innovation.

Our ERP solutions can be hosted on premise or on the cloud server. We have helped 2000+ clients in ERP solution and have deep expertise in finance, accounting & taxation

CloudGeta ERP is a comprehensive, prepackaged All-in-One ERP solution designed for industries. Leading manufacturers are leveraging CloudGeta ERP to improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity, and respond to market demands with agility.

Why us?

  • A one-stop-hub for all your ERP, CRM and payroll solutions
  • Real-time access to insightful and actionable data right at your disposal with a unified view
  • Ready-to-deploy, flexible and boutique-style web-based business process improvement solutions to help businesses scale seamlessly
  • Reduced integration time and IT expenditures with CloudGeta, business process improvement and management is no more a draconian task!