What is a Finance ERP Solution: Definition, Benefits, Implementation, Cost, Providers?

Finance ERP solution is a software application to help in business activities. When an entrepreneur starts up he needs his core business activity to be dealt in first so that he can focus on how to achieve more goals than before.

Helps in inventory management, accounting, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, supply chain etc.

ERP has been providing enhanced visibility to its customer and the workflow which is automated, adjustable as the customer’s needs.

It provides the work with more efficiency and better results in managing the departments correctly and at a fast pace.

Finance ERP solution (FES) is the module of ERM itself which deals in with cash flow statement, budgeting, and forecasting, accounts payable and receivable, general ledger and financial reporting.

It is a multi-channel platform which will help in financial activities and is comprehensive in work.

It is been made with the aim of cutting the cost and raising the return on investment.

Being the main core of ERP works on the major issue of finance to calculate the monetary terms of your firm.


Finance module of ERP gives you benefits which will be discussed in here too:

Secured: your documents are in the most reliable hands which will work in favor of your development and will be updated with market changes. When this document was made that time only the feature was inserted of security so that you can feel free.

Flexibility: it makes all the data available for past and future deals which helps in checking the status thereto. When your company and others who are your customers will be knowing all the details of your deals you will get a profit out of it which will state how is the position of your firm and whether the deal will be profitable or not.

Automated: being robust it lacks from the manual error and helps in completing work on time with zero flaws. Being in a modern technology robust is the only key feature which is most profitable.

Delivery: it provides to the customers with the knowledge they seek but also helps them in leading up to the way of correct information which will be relevant for them. Information should be kept in a proper manner so that customers need not have to worry and search for the material they need.

Access: it will be under your directions as what information is required to give to your employees and what will be shared with the senior management. Whether you want to give them full or half access limited to some restrictions.

Easily measurable: in this system, you can measure the risks and profits of your company and can give a statement of whether the investment is good or not.


When you go to choose your software you need to keep in mind a lot things from which the most essentials are been mentioned:

People: whether the Finance ERP solution is able to give the right customers the right information about your firm. A person needs to have a good platform in order to be successful and when you have it you want a good source of information sharing from your side to put yourself at front.

Methods: whether you are comfortable with the way they are inducing your knowledge to others. Many a time people do not want to customise their self at some places so you can keep a check where you are being upgraded.

Priority clause: you need to see the priority clause of the software whether the software is giving your data on your ranks. You can check and get the best out of it if you will serve the feature inculcated in it. Do work on your terms let the firm works according to you and not you according to them.

Outcome: see the past customers reviews whether they are satisfied and if not then on what basis and do check what is the overall outcome/ result of your survey then find the best. Before knowing its past performances do not go on with having an agreement.

Partnership: as when you will find the right one you can negotiate them with your terms and can try to outlook the best result you can get out of it. The major decision should be taken carefully. To give your private information takes a lot and you should give it to any entrusted one only.


Cost is the essential category to check for and always do compare the features of ERM. Hence the method to fix cost is negotiable but there are the firms in a market who being the big ones do not negotiate and are also not worthy enough.

Whenever agreeing to a firm clause go for the most comprehensive one and best suitable for you.

Cloudgeta provides you the software of ERM solutions with the range starting from rs.50,000-rs.4,00,000/-.


We provide you with a list of top firms of Finance ERP solutions:

  1. Cloudgeta provides you with the best multi-purpose software for all your problems of business it can be in regard to accounting, sales, purchase, manufacturing, in short, all your ERP, CRM, and payroll things.

Is easily assessable by customers fix your problems with one click.

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Provides flexibility in working with all your financial and non-financial business activities.

Works in with the agenda of uplifting your profit and making you earn more ROI.

  1. Oracle provides you with Finance ERP solution and is a larger market owner. With all the same features of most common found ERP, it has the option for your IT problems too. Worked in the field for years and hence being the best provides you the solution with higher scale range.
  2. Epicor too does the same work, has been in the ERP market since 1972. Has a large number of customers with good facilities of accounting, marketing, sales, purchase etc. Provides the Finance ERP solution from fair to moderate range.
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