What is a Sales & Distribution ERP Solution: Definition, Benefits, Implementation, Cost, Providers?

Being an entrepreneur the first most thing which comes to mind is how I will be dealing with my business operational activities and thus in order to be a helper ERP solution was made.

It is a method to use a computer programme by linking into various functions of accounting, sales, distribution, inventory control and human resource.

ERP solution allows business to integrate and manage. It helps in creating shorter intervals between order and payments. Reduces the weight of office staff requirements. Reduces inventory, improves customer services.


Sales and distribution under ERP solution:

Nowadays business climate has been changed and a great achievement is in collaboration, rather to streamline your business. There is a feature of ERP in which supply chains are been noticed when your inventory went out by whom and all the middle suppliers will be hence noted down In this software so that you just need to have an overlook rather than worrying about your material.

The first preferences of a businessman are to satisfy its customers and to send them their products on time. Customer satisfaction is the greedy term where we all have to have a notch and ERP solution provides you with all the features which will decline your failure on it.



 Goals will be achieved: A company have lofty goals surrounding it and hence wants to satisfy each one like aligning of different departments under one head, a growth of its revenue and to create a marking business efficiency which can be filled in by ERP solution.

Savings is the concern: Reduction in costs, raw materials, finished goods will be the feature you will find in for your savings.

Good service providers: When there will be a fulfillment of lead time with the sellers being a purchaser it will be easy to get negotiation done with them.

Transparency: It provides transparency, a total access will be provided to you and your senior management to see all the data of different departments.

Concern documents will be maintained properly: Cash flow statement and financial reports will be mentioned in the proper format of understanding.

Labour cost deduction: Labour cost will decline as the work of spreadsheets will reduce and hence a reduction in cost from the labor sector can be achieved.

The best thing about the software is it provides a customised module of it which a customer can choose and decide what can be leading them to success and fits in for their firm and keeps your data safe.


ERP solution has key features which work for minutes and detailed sales and distribution work. Implementation is simple as there are different departments for it.

Product: ERP system helps those who has moving inventory and production by keeping the supply chain maintained.

Time efficiency: Helps in on time delivery for the success of your business.

Management of sales: A proper maintained supply chain facilitates manufacturing innovations which can help in cutting the cost and develops new products to enhance your business.

Management of distribution: It manages all the facets of distribution of goods, simplifies it by making proper invoices, inventory tracking and control. Which will definitely cut the cost and management load?

Transparency: You can streamline the data for your production you will see how well managed the contents are headed.

Helper: ERP solution has the feature to point out all the weak points and strengthens them by giving you all the necessary details and advice in uplifting business.



To invest in a new Cloud ERP if the new software won’t provide the answers needed that are so sorely wanted from the present elementary system most people do not accepts. To spend more money to be in the same vacuum of information is simply a waste of money, even though it might interface with clauses. Rather than going for a small price tag-lined software opt for most comprehensive one for your company.

Cloudgeta provides you the software of ERP solution with the range starting from rs.50, 000-4,00,00/-, which may differ from the other providers with obvious reasons of more competent in nature.


Top 3 providers:

  1. Cloudgeta provides you with ERP solution which will keep a graphical record of your inventory, sales, purchase which help you in tracking your product. It gets all your operational activities timings on board, keeps the cost management feature up high and helps in maintaining good relations with your customers. It is an Omni-purpose software which is made available to you.
  2. Epicor provides you with a software which will helps your company to innovate new products for better sales it’s in the market since 1972 and thus covers a large amount of customers. Prices start from fare to moderate.
  3. Oracle: they have been working in for 30years offers a flexible module to work with, enhances the facility more. Comes at the price of higher scale.

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