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Overview of Cloudgeta’s Lead Generation Services

Are you seeking a consistent flow of high-quality leads? Cloudgeta specializes in comprehensive Lead Generation Marketing Services designed to drive your business forward. Leveraging Google's cutting-edge Smart Bidding Technology, we offer transparent pricing and a suite of powerful tools.

Our Lead Generation Marketing Services Include:

Full-Service Google Ads Setup & Management
Custom Landing Page for Maximum Conversions
CPQL Optimization (Cost Per Qualified Lead)
Call & Text Message Tracking
Automated Lead Nurturing via Email & Text
Conversion Rate Optimization
Real-Time CRM Integration


Why should you Choose Cloudgeta?

Our all-inclusive Lead Generation Marketing Services cover everything you need for successful digital marketing. Whether you require a custom landing page or prefer to work with your existing website, we have you covered.

Full-Service Ad Management

We expertly manage and optimize your ads across various platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Display, Pinterest, Outbrain, SnapChat, and more.

Custom Landing Page

We provide a custom-built landing page, recognizing its pivotal role in your success, and collaborate with you to create a high-converting page.

CPQL Optimization

We prioritize Cost Per Qualified Lead (CPQL) over Cost Per Lead (CPL) to ensure the quality of your leads, safeguarding your business.

CRM Integration

Our seamless CRM integration using Zapier ensures leads are instantly added to your database. We also use CRM data to optimize your campaigns based on CPQL.

Call Tracking

We leverage CallRail to track which ads, keywords, and campaigns generate valuable leads. Additionally, CallRail facilitates text communication with leads.

Lead Nurturing

We establish automated email and text message sequences sent to leads on your behalf, significantly improving connection rates.

Dedicated Expert

You'll have a dedicated point of contact managing every aspect of your campaign, who understands your business thoroughly

24/7 Dashboard Report

Access your campaign data, trends, and performance from any device, at any time. Our mobile-friendly, real-time dashboard keeps you updated.

Lead Generation Services

Full-Service Google Ads Setup & Management

Cloudgeta takes care of every aspect of your Google Ads campaigns, ensuring they are finely tuned for lead generation.

Custom Landing Page for Maximum Conversions

We craft a custom landing page tailored to convert visitors into leads, aligning it with your objectives.

CPQL Optimization (Cost Per Qualified Lead)

Unlike traditional CPL optimization, we focus on delivering high-quality leads that drive your business forward.

Call & Text Message Tracking

Monitor valuable leads by tracking calls and text messages generated by your campaigns.

Automated Lead Nurturing via Email & Text

Enhance lead engagement with automated email and text message sequences triggered instantly.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We continuously run A/B tests on your landing page to boost conversion rates and optimize your ROI.

Real-Time CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate your campaigns with your CRM system for efficient lead management.


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